How to install a bird nest box camera

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Knowing that birds are using your nest box to raise a family is great, but imagine if you could watch them doing it. Miniature surveillance cameras are now available which allow you to do just that. The cameras are affordable and come in kit form, needing no particular skill to install. Once the camera is in place, you can watch the real-life drama unfold on your TV.

See our practical project for advice on making a hinged nest box, ideal for accommodating a bird camera.

You will need

  • Bird box camera kit, with fixings
  • Drill, with various sizes of drill bits
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers


The camera is fixed to a cable link that is best threaded through a hole in the box side. Use a drill bit that makes a hole wide enough to fit the lead and plug through.

Carefully thread the cable into the box through the hole you've drilled. Make sure you don't damage the plug by forcing it through - if necessary, widen the hole instead.

Mark the camera position according to the instructions, to ensure it will focus correctly. Drill small holes so the screws go in easily. Then screw the camera to the wall of the box

Connect the camera according to the instructions and plug into your TV to check the focus. Secure the wire with clips to prevent pulling, hang up the box and enjoy the show.


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