Autumn crocus in flower

Autumn crocus pot display

Find out how to plant autumn crocus bulbs in summer for an attractive display during the autumn months.

Do it:


Takes just:

15 minutes

At its best:

Sep, Oct, Nov

Autumn crocus, Crocus speciosus, has lilac-blue flowers, with dark veins and white throats. They make a glorious display from September to November.

Autumn crocus look great planted in pots or in borders, where they look good under deciduous shrubs, where they will spread and colonise over the years. They like a sunny spot.

Plant bulbs in drifts, 10cm deep in summer, in gritty, well-drained soil, or plant in pot in a bright, warm spot outdoors. 

Here's how to plant autumn crocus in a pot.

You will need

  • Autumn crocus corms, Crocus speciosus
  • Terracotta pot
  • Peat-free potting compost
  • Crocks


Half fill a pot with good quality, peat-free compost.

Space out the corms 3-4cm apart, planting right up to the edges of the pot to make full use of the compost surface.

Top up the pot with more compost and lightly firm. The finished surface should be just below the pot rim.

Autumn crocus, Crocus speciosus, makes a glorious display from September to November.

Water in well and place the pot in a bright, warm spot outside. Keep the compost moist by watering regularly.


Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith says...

A crocus pot is great for a table-top display as the blooms don’t get too tall. Plant one large pot like we have here, or plant several small pots positioning them in a row when they come into flower – it’s a great way to make impact.

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