Deadheading hardy deciduous flowering shrub roses (Rosa 'William Lobb') at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Deadheading roses

Discover advice on deadheading roses, to keep them looking pristine and beautiful.

Do it:

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Takes just:

15 minutes

Deadheading is one of the easiest forms of pruning, and there are many reasons why it's important to deadhead.

Deadheading roses will keep them healthy and looking their best. Faded flowers can make a plant look tatty and after rain they can turn into a soggy, slimy mess. This can also encourage fungal infections that may lead to stem dieback. 

Follow our sage advice on how to deadhead roses, to keep them looking pristine and beautiful, below.

You will need

  • Secateurs
  • Gloves (for particularly thorny roses)


For multi-flowered roses, take off each flower from the cluster as its petals begin to fall, snipping with secateurs or pinching it out. This will keep the plant looking good while the rest of the buds open. Once all the flowers in a cluster have finished, remove the whole stem.
When deadheading roses with single-flowers and any stems of multi-flowered types that have carried only one bloom, snip off the flowerhead and around 15cm of stem, cutting just above a strong, healthy leaf. Your next flower shoot will arise from that leaf joint.
Rambling roses, which usually flowers once during the season, can be pruned straight after flowering. Here's how to prune a rambling rose.


Roses for hips

Some varieties produce attractive hips in autumn, so it's worth leaving these flowers in place. Here are some of the best roses to grow for hips.

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