Trimming the roots on a bare-root hedge

How to plant a bare-root hedge

Find out how to plant a bare-root hedge in winter, with the help of our practical guide.

Do it:

Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov, Dec

Takes just:

one hour

The perfect time to plant a new hedge is between October and February. Bare-root plants, like beech, hornbeam and yew are ideal as they're cheap and easy to plant during the dormant season.

Before planting, prepare the site by digging over the ground 30cm either side of the hedge line. Also, remove weeds and add bonemeal to promote root growth, as you go.

To get hedge plants off to the best start, it's critical that the roots are kept moist after delivery. Unwrap then soak the bundle for an hour in a bucket of water, then plant.

Here's how to plant a bare-root hedge.

You will need

  • Bare-root hedging plants
  • Secateurs
  • Spade
  • Garden line


Lightly prune the roots of the bare-root plants with secateurs to encourage vigorous new growth.

Cut a V-shaped trench as deep as the plant roots. Ensure it's straight by using a taut line.

Insert plants into the trench at 45cm spacings – this is suitable for most hedging plants.

Ensure plants are at the same depth they were previously and tread soil in around their roots.


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