How to plant gladioli corms

Do it:

Feb, Mar

Takes just:

30 minutes

At its best:

Jun, Jul, Aug

A little effort planting gladioli corms in spring can yield impressive results in summer. For maximum impact, plant in pots successionally over a few weeks, so you have a longer season of colour. Simply plunge each pot into your border when the flowers are at their most spectacular, and replace with a fresh pot when needed.

You will need

Gladioli corms

Plastic pots

Peat-free, multi-purpose compost

Drainage material, such as broken pots or poystyrene pieces

Plant labels


Add good drainage material to the base of the pots, such as polystyrene pieces, broken pots, or pebbles.

Fill the pots with multi-purpose compost and plant corms hairy side down, 15cm (6in) below the soil to prevent the stems from keeling over. Cover the corms with compost.

Label each pot, then water thoroughly and leave to drain. Place in a warm, bright spot, such as a window ledge or in the greenhouse.

In warm conditions, the corms will sprout within a few days. Keep the pots well watered. Gradually harden off the plants, then place them in a sunny outdoor location, once all risk of frost has passed.


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