Indoor hanging basket planted with streptocarpus, plectranthus and tradescantia

How to plant up an indoor hanging basket

In this project, we show you how to plant up an indoor hanging basket with gorgeous plants.

Do it:

All year round

Takes just:

15 minutes

Around September, you can bring hanging baskets indoors to add a new dimension to your houseplant display, and plant up with flowering or small foliage plants.

We used a basket that can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays. To make your display stand out even more, shop around for hanging planters. There are some stunning hanging pots and planters out there – from angular, geodesic designs to hanging rope planters.

If you're after more hanging basket inspiration, have a peruse of our pot and container projects.

Discover how to plant up an indoor hanging basket in just three steps, below. 

You will need

  • Hanging basket or planter
  • Potting compost
  • Water-retaining granules
  • Indoor plants of your choice – we used Tradescantia zebrina, variegated Plectranthus and Streptocarpus 'Polka-Dot Purple'


Fill the basket with potting compost and add water-retaining granules to improve water supply. Avoid heavy loam-based composts.
Choose plants with the same light and water requirements, and arrange them so that they appear balanced. Encourage foliage to spill over the sides. Odd numbers work well.
Soak thoroughly with tepid water and hang up for display in warmth but out of direct sunlight, and be sure to use a secure hook.


More house plants you could use

  • Spider plants
  • Grape ivy, Cissus rhombifolia
  • Boston fern
  • Golden polypody, Phlebodium aureum
  • Crassula 'Hobbit'
  • Hare's foot fern, Davillia canariensis
  • Fishbone cactus, Epiphyllum anguliger
  • String-of-beads, Senecio rowleyanus
  • Rhipsalis

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