How to take cuttings from alpines

Do it:

Jun, Jul, Aug

Takes just:

15 minutes

Many alpines, such as gentian, flower in spring on last year's stems, then put on growth for flowering next year. The new shoots that follow make excellent cutting material, and can be placed in a cold greenhouse, or outside in a shady spot, to encourage rooting. To ensure success, be sure that the cuttings don't dry out.

Find out how to take cuttings from spring-flowering alpines, in our project.

You will need

Spring-flowering alpines

Gardener's knife

8cm pots


Loamy soil

Horticultural sand


Detach a non-flowering shoot, with roots, and remove basal foliage, leaving a rosette of foliage at the top.

Mix grit, loam and horticultural sand to make a free-draining compost.

Insert the cutting up to its rosette. Add gritty mulch to the surface to ensure the crown stays dry and doesn't rot.


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