Wildlife-friendly Christmas wreath

Make a wildlife-friendly Christmas wreath

Discover how to make a Christmas wreath that not only looks good but is attractive to wildlife too.

Do it:


Takes just:

one hour

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Christmas wreaths typically feature berries like rosehips, holly and pyracantha, all of which are enjoyed by birds in winter. So why not create a wreath especially for the birds?

Watch our video on making a Christmas wreath.

This simple design is made using dogwood stems and long-lasting rosehips, although you could easily use other berries. Hang it where you can easily view any visiting birds - you could attach it to a fence or shed, for example.

You will need

  • Several dogwood stems - both red and green
  • 10 sprigs of rosehips or other berries
  • Secateurs
  • Florist's wire


Bend the two dogwood stems together and tie them loosely into a loop, using florist's wire to secure them. Then weave in more stems, ideally using alternate colours.
As you weave in the stems, gently bend the frame into a circle. Use secateurs to trim any ends sticking out from the frame to create a strong, even loop.
Push sprigs of rosehips into the circle of stems, making sure they are tightly packed so they don't fall out. Secure with florist's wire if necessary. 


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