Mistletoe and sea holly Christmas wreath

Mistletoe and teasel Christmas wreath

Discover how to make a Christmas wreath using a variety of plants gathered from the garden - with a dash of colour added.

Do it:


Takes just:

one hour

At its best:


This unusual Christmas wreath should encourage you to get outside and forage. Experiment with seedheads, fir cones, hips and berries, and garnish with dried flowerheads. Mistletoe can be found growing wild, but is sold at florists and markets during the Christmas season.

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Nature can provide lots of colour at this time of year, but reach for the spray can for a helping hand - we used a blue acrylic paint.

Here's how to make this pretty wreath.

You will need

  • Fine florists' wire
  • Vine stems or other woody stems
  • Lichen-covered twigs
  • Rosehips, mistletoe, catkins
  • Variegated ivy
  • Dried eryngium flowerheads
  • Fir cones and seedheads
  • Allium and teasel seedheads (we sprayed ours blue using an acrylic craft paint)


Soak the woody stems in water beforehand - this will make them easier to bend without splitting. Form each stem into a hoop, then wire together.
Add your foraged garden finds, mixing foliage, berries and seedheads. Thread them through the twigs and attach each one securely with florists' wire. Aim to allow the natural structure of the wreath to show through.


Cut a generous length of stem

Keeping a length of stem on foraged hips, seedheads and berries means it will be easier attach them to the twiggy hoop.

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