Spring pot container display planted with daffodils (Narcissus), aubrieta and carex

Narcissus and aubretia pot display

Do it:


Takes just:

30 minutes

At its best:

Mar, Apr, May

Add a cottage-garden feel to your patio with this simple pot project. The trio of narcissus, carex and aubretia provides instant colour, as plants can be bought in flower. If other spring flowers catch your eye at the garden centre, you could use those instead.

You will need

  • Carex comans, bronze-leaves x1
  • Purple aubretia, 7cm pot x2
  • Narcissus 'Minnow', 9cm pot x2
  • 30cm terracotta pot x1
  • Peat-free multi-purpose compost


Place pieces of terracotta over holes in the pot's base to allow water to drain freely.

Tease out the fibrous roots of the carex to encourage it to quickly send out new roots.

Part fill the pot with compost. Set the carex in the centre, leaving room for other plants.

Split the narcissus bulbs carefully and set them in position around the carex.

Plant aubretia in the gaps at the edge of the pot, so they can trail over the side.

Water the container well and allow to drain fully. Site in a sunny position.


Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Use the carex as a year-round focal point for this display. Move the other plants to the border when they’re past their best, replacing them with other seasonal blooms to create an entirely new look.

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