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How to tidy and clean your greenhouse


Winter is a good time to clean, tidy and reorganise your greenhouse. Remove all the clutter, clean the glass to maximise light levels, and create an ordered working environment in time for the season ahead.

How to do it


If you're overwintering tender plants, choose a mild spell to empty your greenhouse completely. Cover plants or take them into the house, if necessary. Brush down framework and staging, then sweep the floor.


Once everything is outside promise yourself not to return anything that isn't absolutely essential.


Both the inside and outside of your greenhouse panes will need cleaning. Take a bucket and sponge and long handled sponge, thoroughly wiping over every pane with a solution of glass cleaner to soak and scrub off dirt. Use a stable platform or stepladder to reach the glass in high ridges.


Check your gutters for collected leaves and debris, which could filter down into water butts. Brush out the rubbish before it flows into the downpipes.


Empty out water butts and clean out any accumulated dirt in the bottom, then put them back into place.


Wipe down surfaces with scouring sponge and wash flower pots and seed trays with disinfectant before thoroughly rinsing. Return everything outside to its proper place in the greenhouse.

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Talkback: How to tidy and clean your greenhouse
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Posy 22/01/2014 at 21:53

This topic always seems to come up in the middle of winter. Am I the only one whose greenhouse is absolutely packed with half-hardy plants? I can hardly get in, never mind clean anything. By late May there will be nothing waiting to go out and I will be able to give it a proper spring clean.

Dave Morgan 23/01/2014 at 11:08

Posy, the weather is still mild. I'd take all the plants out for a day with no frost overnight and clean it. Put them all back in next day or later in the day.

24 hrs outside won't do them any harm and not cleaning the GH may cost you dearly later in the year.

The reason now is the time is that any bugs left after cleaning have less chance of multiplying in the colder weather.