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How to tie in dahlias


At this time of year dahlias are producing stunning showy flowers, but they lose impact if the stems flop forward under the weight of the flowers. To get the best dahlia floral display, tie their stems to canes as they grow to give them some support.

How to do it


Check dahlias each week; if they're starting to flop tie the main stem to a supporting cane or stick with garden string. Don't tie the string too loosely, but allow a little room for growth.

Our tip

Tie the stem to the cane in one or more places to give the plant maximum support.

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Allinsl 24/11/2011 at 15:28

i just love gardenr's world. couldnt afford the magazine so would trail car boot sales for old editions, but this website is ffantastic its everything I need to know and more

princessemi 24/11/2011 at 15:28

please help!! i am a real garden beginner and i have a dahlia plant which wont flower. i grew the plant from a tuber in the spring but i did not slit the plant up or take any cuttings. It has grown very tall but there are no buds. i have kept it on a sunny window sill but i am planning on planting it out tomorrow. how big should the pot be? im so confused!!! please help i cant find any helpful information any where.

all ideas welcome!