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How to make willow edging


Many plants have a tendency to flop over, particularly in windy weather, or when they become top-heavy after rainfall. If you grow willow, then you could consider making your own willow edging.

This willow border edging is ideal for supporting billowing plants and its rustic appearance will blend into any style of garden. Bear in mind the willow will sprout into leaf in spring, so you'll need to wind in new growth to keep it looking neat and tidy. Don't worry if you don't grow willow, as you can also make plant supports with metal, hazel poles and bamboo.

Follow our practical step-by-step guide, below, to make your own rustic willow edging.

How to do it


Cut about 30cm off each end of the whips. Take two whips and tie them together at one end (butt to tip).


Wind the whips around each other and tie them securely at the other end.


To make an arch, push each end of the tied whips 15cm into the soil. Overlap the arches as you go. Five arches will cover about 1.8m, depending on how far they overlap.

Our tip

Living willow can be used to make all kinds of garden sculptures, such as tunnels and arches.

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Fionamm 24/11/2011 at 15:28

Could you give a price guide?