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How to make your own plant supports


Using plant supports can dramatically improve the look of a border, preventing
vigorous herbaceous perennials from flopping onto neighbouring plants or over the edges of lawns and paths. Rather than buying expensive supports, create your own following this cheap and easy Japanese-style design.

Make as many supports as you need and position them in place when plants are still small, to ensure they're hidden by foliage within a few weeks.

How to do it


For one support, use secateurs to cut the bambo canes to the following measurements: 2 x 45cm, 4 x 30cm, 4x 60cm.


Use garden wire to securely bind the two 45cm lengths together to form a cross. Then bind the four 30cm lengths together to form a square. Make sure the structure is rigid, and not likely to come apart.


Place the square on a table and lay the bamboo cross on top of it. Use garden wire to bind the two shapes together where they meet.


Bind the four 60cm lengths of bamboo at right angles to the cross to form the legs. Your plant support is now ready to push into the ground over a plant.

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grandmarg 27/03/2012 at 12:00

excellent idea - even better is to use any spare black bamboo stems you may have thinned out because being a darker colour they disappear completely amongst the foliage.