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How to grow dahlias from tubers


There are three ways to grow dahlias: from tubers, rooted cuttings or seed.

Tubers are the roots of mature plants and look like a cluster of brown, carrot-like roots joined by last year's dried stem. You can buy them from garden centres or by mail order in spring, or use your own tubers saved from the previous year.

Jump start them into growth by starting them in pots on a windowsill or in a frost-free greenhouse in early spring. Plant up in a patio pot and place outside after the last frosts.

How to do it

step 1


When planting, ensure that the joint where the roots meet the stem is facing upwards.

step 2


Label your pots and grow on in a greenhouse. Keep plants well watered.

step 3


Place outside on warm May days to harden off. Protect from slugs.

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