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How to grow quick-growing perennials from seed


Early spring is the ideal time to sow quick-growing perennials, like lupins, to grow on for planting out this autumn. Follow the simple steps, below, to raise healthy seedlings with a strong root system.

How to do it


Fill a shallow tray with seed compost and water it gently so that seeds come into contact with moisture immediately.


Lupin seeds have a hard case and can be slow to germinate, so before sowing, rub them with sandpaper and then soak overnight. Scatter thinly over the compost.


Sieve compost through a large plastic pot, covering your seeds with a fine layer about 1cm deep, then place in a warm, sunny spot.


Lupins can take anything from two weeks to two months to germinate, so be patient and keep the compost moist. When they're large enough to handle, pot them up ready to plant outside in the autumn.

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