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Speedwell (Veronica spp) is an annual weed that spreads through lawns and borders, and has attractive tiny blue flowers. It spreads by seed in spring and autumn to form plants with strong tap roots.


Speedwell appears in lawns as individual plants, inhibiting growth of grass, and, if unchecked, spreads through borders.

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The best way to tackle speedwell organically in borders is to hoe it before it flowers and sets seed, then remove it or leave it on the soil surface on a hot day to wither and die. In lawns, increase the height of the cut so that it is shaded out by the grass and ensure the sward is dense and healthy so it can compete with the weed.


In lawns, spot-treat the weed using a weedkiller such as a 2,4-D-based herbicide in spring or early-summer, when growth is at its most vigorous. Repeat through summer where necessary. Apply in cool, moist, still conditions when there is least risk of the chemical drifting onto and damaging nearby garden plants.


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