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Cactus and semi-cactus dahlias

Some of the most spectacular dahlias are cactus and semi-cactus types. With their spiky petals, they can trace their lineage back to a single surviving plant grown from a crate of tubers imported into The Netherlands in 1872.

Cactus dahlias are some of the most dramatic types within the genus. Their star-like form means they stand up well to inclement weather, because they're less prone to being weighed down by heavy rain, or blown about by wind, than other dahlia types.

Cactus dahlias also need less staking than other varieties, which tend to have dense, heavy heads of petals.

Dahlia 'Doris Day'

Dahlia 'Doris Day' is a small-flowered cactus dahlia, which blooms from July to October. Height 110cm.

Dahlia 'Frigoulet'

Dahlia 'Frigoulet' is a semi-cactus variety, producing dramatic bi-coloured petals. Height 140cm.

Dahlia 'Weston Miss'

Dahlia 'Weston Miss' is a miniature-flowered semi-cactus type, with pale petals that stand out well at dusk. Height 120cm.

Dahlia 'Preference'

'Preference' is a small flowered semi-cactus dahlia, with yellowy pink blooms. Height 110cm.

Dahlia 'Reputation'

Large-flowered cactus type, 'Reputation', needs staking to support stems. Height 120cm.

Dahlia 'Rev P Holien'

'Rev P Holien' is a giant-flowered semi-cactus dahlia. Grow in rich soil for best results. Height 140cm.

Dahlia 'Yellow Galator'

Medium-flowered cactus dahlia, 'Yellow Galator', has sunny yellow flowers. Height 120cm.

Dahlia 'Pianella'

'Pianella' is a small-flowered semi-cactus dahlia, with white-tipped pinky red petals. Height 60cm.

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dabacus 24/11/2011 at 15:30

I am very dissapointed that in this item you have shown dahlias, the majority of which are only available from one UK grower.
It would have been better if you had featured Cactus Dahlias that were readily available, such as Firebird, Indian Summer, Karma Bon Bini, Kiwi Gloria, Marlene Joy, Nuit D'Ete, Orfeo, Park Princess, Purple Gem, Trelyn Kiwi, Weston Spanish Dancer, White Star.
Almost as weatherproof are Semi Cactus Dahlias which are much more readily available.