Bulbs for cut flowers - Tulip 'Chato'

10 bulbs for spring cut flowers

Discover 10 bulbs that make excellent cut flowers in spring, from hyacinths to tulips.

Bulbs make excellent cut flowers, and a couple of hours spent planting in autumn will result in several months' worth of blooms for cutting.

Discover cut flowers for every season.

The three best spring bulbs for cutting are hyacinths, daffodils and tulips - here are 10 of the best.


Hyacinth 'Spring Field'

An amazing indigo-blue hyacinth with a rich scent. Display singly or in bunches.

Flowers: March to April

Hyacinth 'Woodstock'

Delicately scented, the deep magenta-pink Hyacinthus orientalis 'Woodstock' positively glows on dull days.

Flowers: March to April

Narcissus 'Elka'

Narcissus 'Elka' is a classic trumpet-flowered daffodil in pure cream, and lightly scented.

Flowers: Late February to early April

Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle'

Narcissus 'Rip Van Winkle' is a dwarf daffodil with highly cut tissue-paper petals. It looks lovely in a small jar or glass.

Flowers: February to March

Narcissus 'Cheerfulness'

A late-flowering double daffodil with highly fragrant blooms, in clusters of three or four.

Flowers: March to April

Tulipa 'Black Hero'

'Black Hero' has rich, maroon-black double flowers that open into frilly bowls. 

Flowers: May 

Tulipa 'Chato'

A stunning, bright pink frilly double tulip with satiny, peony-like flowers. 

Flowers: Late April to May

Tulipa 'Orange Emperor'

An early tulip with deep orange flowers, tinged with green and lightly scented.

Flowers: March to April

Tulipa 'Antraciet'

Emerging from deep red buds, the large double flowers of this tulip are velvety plum-pink.

Flowers: April to May

Tulipa 'Temple's Favourite'

A tall, elegant tulip with rosy-orange petals splashed with yellow at the base.

Flowers: Late April to May

A couple of hours spent planting in autumn will result in several months' worth of blooms for cutting.


Create a cut flower bed

You can grow all of these bulbs in a bed that is just 1m square. Divide the bed into 25cm squares using string, and plant different varieties in each one: four hyacinth bulbs in one square, nine tulip bulbs in another and up to 12 narcissus bulbs in another, and so on.

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