Autumn-flowering perennial bulb red Guernsey lily (Nerine sarniensis) in flower bloom

Autumn-flowering bulbs for September

Make sure your autumn garden is packed with colour, with our favourite bulbs for September.

There are many magnificent plants that reach their peak in autumn – bulbs included.

In addition to those in bloom, you can also start planting spring-flowering bulbs, such as erythroniums, tulips and daffodils

Discover five of the best autumn-flowering bulbs for September to grow, below.


Allium tuberosum

Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) are easy to grow, and they should flower well into September, especially if you've been deadheading them. The leaves have a lovely, sweet garlic flavour and are often used in Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes. It also makes a great companion plant for carrots.


Colchicums, including cultivars like 'Lilac Wonder' and 'Waterlily', are autumn stalwarts. You can plant colchicums under hedges or naturalise them in lawns. They can even be placed on a windowsill and left to bloom, to serve as temporary house plants. 


Commonly known as the autumn daffodil, Sternbergia lutea is an ideal autumn-flowering bulb for September. They're Mediterranean natives, so enjoy full sun and a well-drained soil. 


While they look somewhat exotic, crocosmia are actually tough, low-maintenance plants. Whichever crocosmia you go for, sprays of fiery blooms are a guaranteed hit in September. They're slug-proof, too!


Nerines are the perfect antidote to a waning garden – at the end of summer they burst into flower, with some species, such as Nerine undulata, lasting into November. Plus, they're easy to lift and divide in spring, to get more plants for free.
Colchicums, including cultivars like 'Lilac Wonder' and 'Waterlily', are autumn stalwarts.


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