Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt a sweetly scented peony variety

Five scented plants for June

We pick five richly scented plants that flower in June.

Scented plants are particularly welcome during summer, when the weather is (in theory) warm for sitting outside to enjoy the perfume.

It's well worth creating an area for scented plants around outdoor seating and dining areas, using beds, borders and vertical surfaces, as well as pots and containers.

Discover five richly scented plants for June, below.


Common jasmine

Common jasmine (Jasminum officinale) is also known as poet's jasmine. A strong climber, it'll quickly cover pergolas, trellises and sheds. Cultivars you could grow include 'Fiona Sunrise' (pictured), or 'Devon Cream'.

Star jasmine

This evergreen climber has a beautiful fragrance very similar to common jasmine. Give star jasmine some shelter from cold, drying winds, and site in full sun or partial shade. A great plant for a twilight garden.


There are many perfumed peonies to grow, including citrus-scented ‘Bartzella’ and ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, an opulent, double variety with sweetly fragrant pink flowers.

Discover 10 colourful peonies to grow.


Though often sold as cut flowers, it's easy to grow your own oriental lilies. Containers are ideal, especially if your soil isn't acidic, as they prefer ericaceous conditions. These summer stalwarts can reach well over a metre in height.


Philadelphus, the mock orange, is one of the most richly scented plants you can grow. Prune right after flowering to promote even better blooms next year.
There are many gorgeous peonies to choose from, including citrus-scented 'Bartzella' and 'Sarah Bernhardt' an opulent double variety with sweetly perfumed pink flowers.


Creating a twilight garden

The fragrance of many plants is much more intense during the evening. This includes that of common jasmine and lilies. Combine white-flowered, night-scented plants that will reflect light, twinkle in the dark and fill your garden with scent. 

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