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10 flowers to pick in July

There are lots of wonderful flowers to pick from your garden in July - get inspiration from our selection.

July is a wonderful time in the garden, with many flowers at their peak. That means there's ample pickings for the house, in a dedicated flower patch, or from your borders.

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Here are 10 gorgeous flowers to pick in July.



Love-in-a-mist, such as a Nigella damascena 'Miss Jekyll', is a cottage garden favourite. It gives an airy feel to a flower arrangement, and its dried seedheads look attractive, too.


Many roses, such as Rosa Edward's Rose are still looking good in July. Pick a few blooms to enjoy their colour and scent in the house.


The acid green flowers of Bupleurum make a great filler in flower arrangements and look wonderful with a range of colours, including red, orange, white and blue.

Ammi majus

The cow-parsley flowers of Ammi majus make a wonderful addition to a contemporary cottage-style or naturalistic border, and make brilliant cut flowers for a meadowy flower arrangement, too. 

Sweet peas

Sweet peas such as 'Lady Turral' (pictured) make wonderful cut flowers and have the added bonus of a delicious scent. Keep picking them for more blooms. 


Phlox, such as Phlox paniculata 'Cherry Pink' (pictured) are classic cottage garden plants, ideal for the middle of a border, and make pretty cut flowers, too. 

Pot marigold

Pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) is an easy-to-grow annual. It makes a good companion plant and a lovely cut flower, with other 'hot' coloured plant such as rudbeckias or contrasting with bright blue cornflowers.


Tall, stately delphiniums make an eye-catching addition to the back of a border and make stunning cut flowers. 'Fountain Mixed' (pictured) come in a range of colours.


Hydrangeas, such as Hydrangea macrophylla 'Red Bull' make an impact in a vase; they also make excellent dried flowers.


Herbs aren't only for cooking - they bring scent and flowers to cut flower displays. Try sage, mint, rosemary or the Australian mint bush (Prostanthera rotundifolia), shown here.
July is a wonderful time in the garden, with many flowers at their peak. 


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