Vegetable and herb container planted with basil, lettuce and tomatoes

Get the best from veg in pots

Growing veg, herbs and fruit in containers is a great way to save space. We show you how to get the best from these container-grown crops.

Lots of vegetables can be grown in containers, including potatoes, tomatoes, chillies, salads and more.

To get the best from them, and to ensure you always have something to pick, it's worth taking the time think about the plants you grow, and how you grow them.

Discover which crops to sow in pots in April.

Follow our advice for getting the best from veg in pots.


Combine crops that like the same growing conditions

Combine crops that like the same growing conditions. Plant basil among your tomatoes as it will love the warmth, and can help prevent whitefly on them. Summer savory is said to discourage aphids from broad beans.

Grow companion plants

Grow companion plants together in the same pot. Basil can prevent whitefly on tomatoes. Summer savory is said to discourage blackfly from broad beans. Find out more about companion planting.

Use deep pots

Use deep pots to give tall plants stability. But avoid containers with tapered sides if you need to use supports, as canes can't be pushed far enough into the compost.

Use trailing plants

Use trailing plants such as tumbling tomatoes and nasturtiums, which will grow down the sides of your pots, making the most of your space.

Sow speedy crops

Sow fast-growing crops such as radish and pea shoots in containers with slow-growing vegetables like tomatoes and kale.

Grow larger crops

Don't assume container crops have to be dwarf. Use plant supports to gain height – bamboo canes or hazel poles are ideal tied together to form a tepee for climbing French or runner beans, borlotti beans and nasturtiums.

Plant edible flowers

Plant edible flowers like nasturtiums and violas alongside your more traditional vegetables to decorate salads, while also encouraging beneficial insects.

Lots of vegetables can be grown in containers, including potatoes, tomatoes, chillies, salads and more. 


Don't forget hanging baskets

As well as growing crops in pots and containers, you can also grow some in hanging baskets. Some of our favourites include tomato hanging baskets and strawberry hanging baskets

Discover more ideas and inspiration

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