Echinacea 'Southern Belle'

Plants with pink flowers

Discover a selection of the best flowering plants with pink blooms.

Pink is one of the commonest flower colours, so you're spoilt for choice when choosing pink-flowered plants to grow.

It's also a popular flower colour used in gardens designed by Piet Oudolf – the reknowned Dutch garden designer. Try combining our choices with orange- and purple-flowered plants, like heleniums and echinops

For a cool-toned, herbaceous border, combine pink flowers with white, blue and purple-coloured blooms. 

When choosing cultivars, don't forget to take pollinating insects into account. Double flowers are usually inaccessible pollinators, so it's worth growing plants with single flowers so they can get to the pollen and nectar. 

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Discover some of our favourite plants with pink flowers below, including gorgeous perennials, shrubs and climbers. 



Nerines are real gems to have in the garden – just as it's winding down for the year, their bright pink blooms emerge from the bulbs, throughout autumn. Grow them in full sun and a well-drained soil. 


Provide them with a rich, moist soil, and astilbes will reward you with their dramatic plumes of feathery flowers from spring and through summer. You can also find red- and white-flowered cultivars to grow. Will grow in full sun or shade, given the right conditions. 


Penstemons come in many shades of pink. The flowers of 'Dark Towers' (pictured) are a cool pink, providing dramatic contrast with the deep, purple foliage. Bumblebees are especially fond of penstemons. Get more plants for free by taking penstemon cuttings


Echinaceas are always a hit with pollinating insects, so it's worth making room for some in your garden. Varieties with pink flowers include 'Mistra', 'Magnus' and 'Southern Belle'. Try growing them as part of a prairie-themed border. 


There are cannas to grow in a range of colours, including pink, orange, red, yellow and white. Their exotic blooms and large leaves lend themselves to jungle-style borders. Grow cannas in full sun, in moist soil.


This ever-popular climber enjoys being planted in full sun, with the roots kept cool, so plant clematis deeply and mulch in spring. Discover some of the best clematis with pink flowers to grow.


Angel's fishing rod (Dierama) produces fantastic sprays of pink, pendulous flowers, held on delicate stems. Try combining them in the garden with perovskia, sisyrinchium and ox-eye daisies


The flowers of some hydrangeas are known to change colour depending on the pH level of the soil. Pink flowers are the result of a more alkaline, lime-rich soil. Provides attractive winter seedheads.


Abelias are shrubs grown for their profuse, often fragranced flowers. Many of the species and cultivars available have pink flowers. Abelia floribunda has long, tubular flowers that are rich-pink. Those of Abelia x grandiflora are pale pink and sweetly scented. 


Magnolias are popular trees for small gardens. Their large blooms are instantly recognisable and there are plenty of pink-flowered cultivars to grow. For icy-pink spring blooms, check out 'Alexandrina' and 'Leonard Messel'. Grow them in an acidic soil. 
Angel's fishing rod (Dierama) produces fantastic sprays of pink, pendulous flowers.


Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' and Penstemon 'Andenken an Friedrich Hahn'
Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' and Penstemon 'Andenken an Friedrich Hahn'

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