Shrubs that look good in September

We reveal some of our favourite shrubs that deserve a spot in your plot, for their September colour.

There are plenty of shrubs that really come into their own in autumn.

In fact, with the right plants your garden will be overflowing with stunning autumnal tones – just take a look at our pick of plants for autumn colour, or our unusual shrubs for autumn.

Discover five shrubs that look good in September, below.



The dainty, pendulous blooms of most fuchsias fade after September, but choose a late-flowering variety such as 'Marinka' or 'Koralle' and you're guaranteed extra autumn colour. Watch our video for expert advice on caring for fuchsias.


Also known as hardy plumbago, ceratostigmas to grow include Ceratostigma willmottianum and C. plumbaginoides. The flowers last into October, by which point they'll provide beautiful contrast with plum-coloured autumn leaves.


Most hydrangeas will remain in flower into September, so you've a generous selection of stunning varieties to choose from. Allow the final flowerheads of the year to stay atop the plant, to provide winter interest. Take look at nine of our favourite hydrangeas, or browse our plant finder.

Vinca major

Tough and vigorous, the greater periwinkle (Vinca major) will tolerate most soils and light levels. There are beautiful cultivars to grow too, including 'Harlington Propeller' (pictured) and 'Surrey Marble'.

Cuphea cyanea

Named the cigar plant after the long, tubular flowers, Cuphea cyanea exudes exotic, extravagant appeal. Pink and yellow flowers bring warmth to the garden just as it's starting to cool down. 
Choose a late-flowering variety such as 'Marinka' or 'Koralle' and you're guaranteed extra autumn colour.


Flowerheads to leave on over winter

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