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Hellebore and carex pot display


There are fewer gardening jobs to keep you busy in January, so make the most of extra time and plant up a stylish container to decorate a terrace or doorstep. This elegant cube-shaped container is filled with the curly sedge, Carex buchananii, and Helleborus niger, the Christmas rose, which starts to flush pink in January and February.

Plant it: January
At its best: winter
Takes just: an hour

How to do it:


Turn the container upside down and drill four or five drainage holes in the bottom.


Place a few crocks in the base of the container then add compost until it's two-thirds full.


Plant the carex in one corner of the cube pot. This will form the 'back' of the finished display.


Fill the remaining corners with the three hellebores, and push more compost into any gaps.


Water the plants in well and stand in a sheltered spot. Make sure the compost doesn't dry out in winter winds.

Our tip

Transplant the hellebores and carex to the garden when the container is past its best - they will grow for years to come

For extra protection against the cold, line metal containers with bubblewrap. It will help prevent compost from freezing

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