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Oxalis, begonia and lobelia window box


Versatile needn’t mean humdrum, as this window box collection proves. Begonia sutherlandii is classier than its hanging-basket cousins, with its tangerine flowers and matching veining to the leaves, while the contrasting leaves of the purple shamrock close like resting butterflies at dusk and open up in sunshine, throwing out lilac flowers on delicate wiry stems.

Place the container on a window ledge in part shade or use to grace a cool flight of steps. Remove the yellow lysimachia flowers when they appear – if you dislike the colour clash – and water well when it’s warm.

Plant it: May - June
At its best: June - October
Takes just: 30 minutes

How to do it:

Adding crocks


Drill drainage holes in the container, if necessary, and add a layer of crocks to cover them.

Adding compost


Fill the container two-thirds with compost.

Planting up the container


Arrange the plants in the container, leaving plenty of space for growth. Firm them in well and add more compost to fill any gaps.

Watering the container


Water the container thoroughly and allow to drain, before moving to its final position.

Our tip

Plant begonia tubers in pots, hollow-side uppermost. Then grow on in a greenhouse until ready to plant up.

Many of these plants are tender so don't plant them out too early, and protect them over winter by bringing them indoors.

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