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Dealing with bindweed
Bindweed is king of camouflage in the weed world. It bursts into glorious bloom during July as if to boast its presence.
Holly blue butterflies
There have been lots of holly blue butterflies flitting around the ivy in my garden lately. I’m hoping they’re laying eggs...
Belted hoverfly
Of course, the main reason for painting our Adirondack chairs pale blue was to make the perfect backdrop for photographing insects.

The best way to grow potatoes
I've harvested the first of the year’s home-grown new potatoes. It got me thinking: what’s the best way to grow potatoes?
Tomato blight and potato blight
How can it have happened so early? That was my first thought when I read the panicky texts and emails from a fellow panellist on GQT.
A new polytunnel
I've splashed out on a mini polytunnel. How it will last on my windswept hillside I don’t know, but it has solved my problem of lack of space – for now.