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I spent most of the last week in Venice, where its southerly location ensured everything was at least three weeks ahead of anything back home. What struck me the most was that the whole place was teeming with screaming swifts.
Fruit trees in spring
This time of year makes my heart sing. The days are longer and brighter, and filled with sounds that glorify my garden.
Performance plants
Every garden needs plants that really perform, and this is particularly important in small gardens where each plant must earn its place.

Growing red onion squash
I have just sown seeds of squash 'Potimarron', or red onion squash. It's one of the best varieties for roasting and baking.
A new allotment
It’s taken seven years but, finally, I have an allotment. It was the least wanted patch of land on the site, and I was happy to take it.
Sowing tomato seed
After the miserable summer of 2012, I didn’t grow any tomatoes in 2013. Then the sunshine came.