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Hi all, hope some-one can help us. We have just moved and now have two beds we don't have any ideas for. We live in West Yorkshire if that's any help.

One bed is a 3mts x 60cm raised bed, up against a low wall with a wooden fence on top (about 1.25mtr high altogether), gets some sun in the afternoon but lots of wind. Also runs along the entry pathway. We'd like something to grow up the fence, to hide it, and maybe something to hang over the front but not sure if there'll be room to put anything between them.

The other is a teardrop shape about 2.5mts long x 2mts wide at it's widest point. Plenty sun but still windy. This is in the main back garden so would like something pretty and fragrant.

We don't really want to re-structure the garden as we're not spring chickens any longer!

Any help and ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Pat


Do you know what kind of soil you have?   Clay, loam, sandy, stony, alkaline, acid or neutral?   This will make a huge difference to the plants that you can grow as will the exposure to wind.   Does the prevailing wind come through the fence from the other side or towards the fence from your raised bed side?

An easy clue as to what will do well is what your neighbours are growing and what looks well and healthy in these conditions.  If you don't know what their plants are called, try asking - a good way to meet them and make new friends.


Pennine Petal
You could go to Dove cottage nurseries and gardens near Shibden Hall in Halifax or York Gate gardens near Leeds for some ideas. Both make a nice afternoon out.

to make it cheaper, ask your neighbours for cutting or seeds from their plants too.  Maybe after the first meeting 

\Good luck

hollie hock

Hello PLP- I'm a fan of clemantis montanas to cover things quickly. It does grow very, very quickly but it has loads of lovely flowers in Spring, needs very little maintenance apart from having to hack it back when it outgrows it welcome. Just give it something to climb on to and you're away.

Great suggestions re your neighbours gardens, I guess it depends how much time you have to spend and what type of plants you want.

The teardrop bed sounds like it has loads of possibilities


Muvs Dashwood

Obelisks in the bed with clematis or roses would disturb the wind flow. This year I made one with three triangular trellis pieces from Wilkinson painted cream with 3 clematis on it, but then I like height even in the middle of beds. I know there are some bamboos that have issues with thugishness but they do sound lovely when the wind moves through them and if you planted it in a large pot it won't be an issue.

John mcleod
How about some honeysuckle. Which would eventually hang over the fence and smell lovely in the summer. Perhaps some lavender, not sure if it would be sunny enough though ?

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