Regrettably, the number of hedgehogs in Britain has been in decline for over two decades and 2020 saw hedgehogs classified as vulnerable to extinction. There are many threats to our hedgehog population, including large-scale agriculture replacing hedgerows and trees and destroying their natural habitat, pesticides killing off the hedgehog's natural diet of slugs, worms and insects, an increase in road construction and a lack of wild gardens so it's vital that gardeners do their bit to help them
Without a safe place to shelter and a reliable food source, hedgehogs are unable to hibernate through the colder months, but clearing out a space for a hedgehog house in your garden will provide a secure habitat where hedgehogs are able to sleep, nest and hibernate without the threat of predators. While it's possible to make hedgehog houses yourself, not everyone has the time or resources to do so. Many of the best hedgehog houses have also been especially designed to be insulated throughout the winter, ventilated in the summer and are made with materials that are not always readily available in our local gardening centre or hardware store.
Choosing the right hedgehog house can be difficult and these wildlife homes can come in a range of shapes and sizes. House materials can also differ and will affect how sturdy the habitat will be, how resilient it is to adverse weather and how long it will last, so bear the following in mind:


Size: If your hedgehog house is too small, it won't be a suitable habitat for a hedgehog to build a nest for hibernation. You're also unlikely to attract more than a single hedgehog

Value for money: The prices of hedgehog houses can vary. Solid wood and Eco-Plate homes are more expensive than simple brushwood styles but they will last longer and are therefore more sustainable in the long run.

Durability: Good quality hedgehog houses are typically built from water or weatherproof materials such as Eco-Plate and should ensure your hedgehog house has longevity. Treat those built from solid wood with varnish to improve durability.

Protection from predators: A narrow or tunnel-like entrance is essential to prevent predators such as foxes and badgers gaining access to the hedgehog house. Camouflaging the house with soil and leaves can also help.

Removable roof: A removable roof allows you easy access to clean the hedgehog house. They're also useful if you're rehabilitating hedgehogs and need to keep a close eye on them. Overhanging or pitched roofs will protect against high rainfall.

All of the hedgehog houses below should last numerous years due to weatherproofing and have helpful features such as removable roofs to make them easy to clean.

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Browse our pick of hedgehog houses for the garden below:

Best hedgehog houses for the garden

CJ Wildlife deluxe hedgehog house XXL

CJ Wildlife Delux hedgehog house XXL
CJ Wildlife Delux hedgehog house XXL

Designed to blend into its surroundings and with built-in ventilation, this roomy house has been well though out with a long entrance hall that's wide enough for pregnant hedgehogs but won't allow predators to enter. The removable roof makes it easy to fill with nesting material and clean and is pitched to protect the house from heavy rain.

Price: £129.99

Buy the CJ Wildlife deluxe hedgehog house XXL from CJ Wildlife

Garden Life hedgehog house

Garden Life Hedgehog House – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.
Garden Life Hedgehog House

Along with a pitched, waterproof roof, the Garden Life Hedgehog House is built with wood that has been pre-treated with a hedgehog-safe varnish to protect it against the British weather. The internal chamber is concealed from the entrance. A Hedgehog Care Guide is included with advice on how best to care for your hedgehogs and keep them safe and happy.

Price: £29.99

Buy Garden Life hedgehog house at Thompson and Morgan and Robert Dyas

Wildlife World Hogilo hedgehog home

Wildlife World Hogilo – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.
Wildlife World Hogilo

Used by the Hedgehog Preservation Society, the Hogilo’s lid swivels to provide easy access for cleaning or monitoring any hedgehogs that may be sheltering. Constructed from plywood, the Wildlife World’s Hedgehog House is finished with recycled agricultural plastic. The battened feet keep the house raised to prevent rot.

Price: £80.00

Buy the Wildlife World Hogilo hedgehog home at Amazon

Riverside Woodcraft hedgehog house

Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.
Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House

Handmade in the UK, this hedgehog house features a narrow tunnel entrance, large chamber and a weatherproof lockable lid. The house itself is made from solid wood, which has been treated with an antifungal and antibacterial coating.

Price: £79.99

Buy Riverside Woodcraft hedgehog house at Amazon

The Hutch Company hedgehog heat reflecting hibernation house

The Hutch Company Hedgehog Heat Reflecting Hibernation House – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
The Hutch Company Hedgehog Heat Reflecting Hibernation House

This hedgehog house from The Hutch Company is hand-built from sustainably-sourced timber and treated with an anti-bacterial coating. Other features include Airtec 1500 heat reflecting ground insulation to make it comfortable for hedgehogs looking to hibernate and a full removable roof that has a locking system to keep it firmly in place.

Price: £67.99

Buy The Hutch Company hedgehog heat reflecting house at Amazon

Wooden hedgehog house

Deluxe Hedgehog House – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.
Deluxe Hedgehog House

With a narrow tunnel entrance, the Deluxe Hedgehog House should keep its inhabitants safe from larger predators. The removable panel at the back of the house allows for easy cleaning and all interior wood is left untreated.

Price: £120

Buy the wooden hedgehog house at Not on the High Street

Frequently Asked Questions

When do hedgehogs use hedgehog houses?

A hedgehog house isn’t just for Christmas. While it provides a safe place for them to snuggle up and snooze during their winter hibernation, it’s also somewhere for them to sleep during the day when they’re up and about again.

April and October are the two best months to put out a hedgehog house, either side of their hibernation season. These are also good months to do any cleaning out and this should be done every year.

If there's an unusually cold winter, the length of hibernation can be extended and you may need to wait a few weeks for temperatures to rise before putting out a new hedgehog house. This particularly applies to cleaning an already established house so as not to disturb hibernating inhabitants.

How do you encourage hedgehogs into a hedgehog house?

The following will make your garden a welcoming place for your spiked visitors:

  1. Make sure hedgehogs can get into your garden. If you have a fence or wall, make a hole that’s about 5”x5”, to allow hedgehogs to wander through, but that's small enough to deter most pets.
  2. Leave a corner of your garden to go wild if you can, as this makes the perfect location to place a hedgehog house - plenty of vegetation provides shelter and privacy, as well as a habitat for their favourite food - insects.
  3. Ensure there are plenty of leaves close to the hedgehog house, as hedgehogs typically build their nests from materials that are nearby.
  4. Give them a head start when it comes to building a nest by placing dry leaves, straw or hay inside the main chamber of the hedgehog house

While you may want to tempt hedgehogs into their new home with food, it's not advised to do this. Hedgehogs don't like to eat in the same place they sleep and food can also attract predators. Consider building a separate feeding station instead.

For more advice on how to make your garden a hedgehog haven, take a look at our guide on the ways to help hedgehogs.


This Product Guide was last updated in April 2024. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.