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garden design with full plants like roses

thanks for sharing ..........

garden design with full plants like roses



Are you thinking what I'm thinking fidget????

It is after lunch, folks.



and I havn't even had a glass of wine.!

 Sudheer I can do you a full garden design with full plants like roses. Please submit outline plan with notes on general direction, climate, overhanging trees etc.

 I only charge £200 per day.  Money up front please.

I think that is an offer it would be hard to refuse, fidget. 

I haven't had any wine but I spent the morning making Stacey's plum and russet mincemeat and the recipe says "you can add more gin if you like", so I did.


I've got the makings, But I think I might do it tomorrow. I might have a baking day as well, I have got all the christmas cake ingredients.

I've got no sloe gin But I have got some Damson gin, from the last good damson crop. Do you think that would work as well in the mincemeat?

I think it would work a treat.

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