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My neighbour has a fantastic display of blue agapanthus year after year, but I'm lucky if I get a few spindly leaves and never any flowers. I've tried pots, straight into the ground, sun and shade, but no luck. We have a loamy soil. Any ideas please?
  1. No expert but for me, make sure they are root bound - that dries the soil and seems to force them to flower. I have mine in a terracotta pot. I water them in summer and try and keep them dry in a cold frame all winter. I made the mistake of putting them out in early March and they got frosted this year - that really seems to slow them down for months.

Ah, I answered your other thread.  

They like to be pot bound and do best in a really sunny spot and soil that is not too rich.  Water them only when the soil is dry.  

There are varieties that are hardier than others.

We moved here recently and it's the first time in years that I've had a garden sunny enough to grow them, so I planted some in a pot last year - they've overwintered in a sheltered spot and are just sending up green shoots so at least they're still alive 



Dove-we recently had a discussion about Agapanthus and I can't remember who said that they spoke to a grower who said it wasn't necessary to restrict them, so it seems there is a fair bit of conflicting info on that. I tried some years ago and they didn't flower (just leaves)after I'd kept them restricted so it put me off buying them again. I can't remenber what the thread was but someone will no doubt reply here.


I just found the thread re the agapanthus. It's '2 plants for 2 large pots' (sorry I've already forgotten who posted it ). Gives a bit of interesting info about them. Seems the usual advice we hear about restricting roots isn't necessary!


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