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Saw this plant in my In-laws little Alpine area and was wondering if anyone know what it could be? They had it as a houseplant, put it outside, and it appears to have survived the past few winters!



Looks like an Aloe to me so surprised it's survive outside.

sweet p

Looks like an Aloe, maybe variegata which has red flowers 


I'd agree the plant in front is an aloe. My son used to grow these in the conservatory at our last house. Took me ages to get them to die after he left. Any other indoor plant dies as I look at it.

The red flowers belong to something in the poppy family with greyish leaves which is growing behind it.


That could be aloe 'pheasants breast' - I inherited one when my son went to live in America and passed all his succulents and cacti on to me - being a softie and his mum I agreed to keep them - and I don't really like those type of plants!  Anyway, there is one like that, one of the few I do like, and that is its name. 


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