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Most of us know the red(and white and pink) anthuriums like the ones in the picture which were blooming in the Sub-tropical House of the Bristol Bot, Garden at the week-end as they make good house plants but I was intrigued by the species in the second picture ,This one is


thurium trinerve.


That should read Anthurium Trinerve.


That's a beauty happymarion.  Really interesting to see.  Really enjoy these photos.

I think Anthuriums make wonderful houseplants! I was in a garden centre a few months back and saw one with purple flowers just like the the picture below. It's not the same as yours happymarion (well I dont think it is) but I was blown away by how unusual it looked.



The one in the bottom picture reminds me of a Calla lily , I wonder is it the same family ? Wether or not its  they are all  beautiful plants .

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