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I would be very grateful for some advice on planting and growing Gypsophila. I don't know a lot about this plant so any help would be appreciated.
Hiya Joan
I find that gypsophila like sunshine but not too dry.
Few years back I tried to grow it in hot dry situation and it simply withered away
So, I can grow it now!
Reasonable soil, needs some moisture, wants reasonable sun. ,then it's good all summer

I grow this one, Gypsophila 'Festival Pink' which has proved hardy for me, and flowers all summer from June...  it looks white but it does have pinkish tones... I find it grows well over paving, and in shingle...  the photo here shows it on a west facing border... I think it's a very pretty, quite feminine plant...


I've never managed to grow it - do you sow direct or have them in trays first?



I grew 2 different ones; one from roots bought cheaply, even after 3 years it is frail and needs staking. The other one was an expensive pot with a more sturdy variety, with slightly different leaves. They seem to have a tendency to flop in my garden, but when they are doing well they are stunning - they really add a sparkle to a border. I don't give them any special care; they get mostly sun and watered sometimes.



Hello all, I'm new to this board and saw your gypsophila post.... I'm try to grow some this year because my daughter is getting married and I need LOTS for flower arrangements!  I bought several little plug plants and potted them up a few weeks ago, keeping them in greenhouse and now in coldframe.  They are about 8 inches high now but very very floppy.  Does anyone know if this is normal?  Should I be pinching out the shoots to make them bushier, or not?  Any advice about how I can get lots and lots of flowers for late July would be very welcome....

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