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Just wondering if now is a good time to plant out hellebores (Christmas ones, i think)

I potted up some seedlings earlier in the year and they are all poking roots out of their  pots and looking very healthy.

Or should I leave them until the spring?  I've tried to find the answer elsewhere but to no avail

Hiya happy girl,

If the plants are of food size plant them out.  Does the label say Helleborus NIGER?  This is the Christmas rose.  It flowers not too lomg after Xmas.  One problem with,this hellebore....well two I guess.  Its flowers are usually damaged by rain splashed soil so plant them with some grit or gravel around them.  I think they are best in pots, again with grit as a mulch.  Secondly, they are temperamental things and seem reluctant to flower well....or even make an their second year.

Sillly me......just re read your post and I can see they are seedlings so no, don't plant out until the spring.  They won't flower for at least another 18 months ...prob longer.

Oops. Should have posted a happy smilie for a happy girl 


I'm on my third and last try growing these in the garden. The orientalis hybrids and the native foetidus do well. anything else, no

Thanks Verdun!

I shall leave til Spring - if nothing else with all this rain we're expecting they'll be battered and bruised and possibly washed away before they get a chance to establish, plus I have enough jobs to do in the meantime!!


Well, it's worth a go Nutcutlet!

I hate throwing any seedlings away so I've got to give these babies a chance and if they don't perform, they'll at least add some green to an otherwise brown patch!


It's always worth a try and youget a lot of unexpected successes.


Nut i have always had real problems with H.niger but like you the orientalis, foetidus and argutiflorus do well. Dont know why.


I forgot argutifolius punkdoc. That goes for a few years then dies, but while it's here it's impressive but top heavy and inclined recline.

I dispose of foetidus after a few years when it looks awful and there are always plenty of healthy babies coming on.

The orientalis varieties are the elite ones though, aren't they?  I must admit to more excitement when they flower than for anything else.  The earliest for me begin in early January but occasionally in late December.  

This is the second time I have successfully grown hellebores from the seeds of my existing plants. I plant the seeds in individual small pots and leave them outside until growth is showing (aboutMarch/April the following year) .When the plants are big enough I repot in larger pots. Last years seed are now about 5/6 inches tall and are ready to plant out in the garden or a group of them in a large pot. From 30 seeds sown last year I have had 26 good plants. My friends will be delighted as I usually pass on half of the successful plants.I am looking forward to seeing the colour of these flowers as I followed the instructions from Gardeners World on how to try to get a new colour from cross pollination.

I must try some cross pollination, I've always left them to sort themselves out, don't even save the seed unless someone else wants some. I've had some OK ones but no WOW

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