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Hi, I'm sure this will be an easy one but can anyone please help me identify this plant in my garden and give me a little background on how to grow more, ideally from the one I have?
Our even tell me how to upload a picture of it on here. Ha.

Could be anything!  You forgot the description or photo


To upload a photo click on the green symbol next to ABC in the bar above the message box


Go the bit where you type your reply/message.  In the toolbar there is a tree icon which will let you upload a phote from your PC


Thanks, the options were not there on my mobile. Here it is...


Wallflower Bowles Mauve, a real good doer. I successfully took 20 cuttings last year with help from other posters

Thank you both, can you give me anymore information on:

When to take cuttings

How to take cuttings (I am new to this)

Any other information I could need to ensure successfull groth of new cuttings.



First I mix 50% grit and compost, then look around the edge of the plant for small shoots that you can peel off. Remove the bottom leaves and the tip. Put these around the edge of a pot (terracotta is better but not essential). Cover the the pot with a polythene bag. Make sure the shoots stay moist and check for roots after a month.

I struggled at first then suddenly they all started to root.

You can take the cuttings now.


I've just planted some of these, are they reliably hardy (West Sussex), or should I be taking lots of cuttings instead?

They're flowering beautifully already. 


Hardy-you will be ok

-they do get a bit straggly and woody after a few years-that is the time to start taking cuttings.


Ah great, I have a while to practice taking cuttings off them then! Thanks.

i have just bought a perennial walflower but its not mouve its a kind of two tone golden pale mouvey colour is it the same as the mouve plant or not.and do i treat it the same .


Thankyou so much for sanding me that link it was very intresting as i am a novice when it comes to plants,i only got this plant because my neighbour got one and i loved it asked her what it  was and were she got it and of i went,hers was mauve so when i got to nursery they only had this colour left,disapointed that it wasent the same plant,but now im sure it is ,thanks to you.

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