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hollie hock


Would love to know what these 2 plants are.

The first the orange one, I'm guessing it's a weed but I like it,also smells good. Does it have any benefits for wild life?

 The 2nd, I thought it was some sort of holly hock but now I'm not sure

Thanks for any information

Gary Hobson

The first one looks like Fox-and-cubs, Orange Hawkweed. It's a wildflower. You can actually buy them in garden centres. Some people might consider it a 'weed'. I have some in my own garden. It does actually grow quite well in grass.

The second one does look somewhat mallow-like (hollyhocks are big mallows, though it's not a hollyhock flower). But it's a bit early for mallows to be flowering.

the second one looks likre a mallow to me as well - maybe the weather has fooled it

hollie hock

Thanks Gary & dander,

Fox-and-cubs, what a great name.

So I wasn't far off. thinking it was a hollyhock. Can't remember where is came from. bit something tells me I planted it.  A mallow? Something in my brain says is that related to veg such as a cucumbers or something similiar.

Just out of interest what do you mean dander by the weather has fooled it? It's been very wet and windy and none of my other holly hocks are no where near to developing flowers. This one was planted outside the garden

Thanks again

I also have the fox and cubs on my allotment it does attract bees and other insects















I also have fox and cubs on my allotment it does attract bees and other insects.

The other looks like common mallow which flowers from june to september.








Yes common mallow is no 2. Looks just like the ones growing down the footpath near me. You can see that hollyhocks come from the same family, but much bigger flowers.

hollie hock

Thanks Aliesha, thats good to know. It's great that somehow it's found it's way it my garden.

hollie hock

Hello diggingdoris,  Thanks, glad my plant knowledge is increasing. The leaves are very similar to the hollyhocks that I grow. Still can't remember where where it came from though, but thats the great thing about  plants. It's very healthy and doing well.

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