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I planted a Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight last year and it flowered beautifully.  Not sure if I should prune it this year and, if it does need pruning, not sure how to do it.  I've looked at it and can't tell the difference between the old and new wood.  I'm keen to keep it in check as I don't want it to grow too large.  Can anyone help.

Yvie.    Simples 

cut to the ground, part way or leave it will flower regardless this summer.  I cut to 30 cm or so from the base...this provides large flowers on stocky wood.

left alone it will grow tall but bramches will tend to droop 


When I read up on it Verdun it said to cut back to 2cm above old wood, does that mean that if I cut into old wood it wont flower?


We cut ours back to a pair of healthy buds about 25 cms above the ground. (10 inches). Feed them and they soon throw up good shoots which flower.

We do this with all 12 of the H. paniculata we have. About now is the time too,

There is no issue about new or old wood with paniculatas Yvie.  25 cm, 30 cm whatever it will be fine. 

Berghill, which is your favourite PG ?   I considered Phantom?  Differenf or much the same?

mine were pruned in autumn but anytime up to next couple of weeks is fine.  Now is good 



No favourite, I like them all, even the one which has died three times on us. Japanese place name. Memory has gone. Actually I do have a soft spot for Vanille Fraise though.

Thanks Berghill 

two is prof sufficient for me for now I think 


Thanks folks I'll take a look at it tomorrow.


We would have all of them, but sadly even here we have run out of space. Even pruned they do make big shrubs.

I also like H, grandiflora, which is very similar. H,g Red Annabelle is rather nice.

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