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I bought this little chap yesterday in "poorly corner" for a euro.  I'm pretty sure it is an oenothera, despite the plant having no label, but should it be hanging?  I've looked in my garden bible but can't find any reference to a hanging oenothera. 

I think it will bulk up with some tlc and feed but I need to know if it is a "hanger" then I will put it in the appropriate place. 




looks like a "hanger" to me give it a feed and for a euro its got two chances to do well or not..

I'd repot it, or plant it out, and add some bonemeal. When plants outgrow their pots the flowers often fall over. It's probably root-bound. It does look like an Oenothera


I've repotted it in some good compost and given it a feed but it still wants to hang down so I've nailed the pot (it's an old aluminium pot) to the wall and it looks rather nice .  I put in a couple of poached egg plant seedlings for company.  Yes, you're right, I'm completely bonkers....

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