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Heleniums are hardy, mine live in the flowerbeds in winter.

Hiya busy.  Yes I love the heleniums.  For a variety of reasons I refused to grow them......soil bit too dry, their foliage a bit dowdy, etc.....but this year I took the plunge. Moerheim beauty, sahins early flowerer, Chelsea, and, laterly, double trouble have been fantastic.  Moreheims and sahins are still in full flower and have been since mid summer and have made impressively large bushes.  Unsure whether to divide next March or leave them.  Intend to cut back in May though.  How do you treat yours?

Have a few more varieties on order too......they are "morish" 

Oh clueless, don't plant out much later than now.  Best kept in a pot though and repotted in early spring before plantIng out in late,spring.  Remember, heleniums like and need moisture so don't give them too dry a situation.  and watch out for early slugs n snails, another reason to pot on next spring.

(first year growing for me but have learned an awful lot about growing heleniums now  )

Verdun - saw you had posted in here and came over all of a dither. . . but no you've not posted your photos.



The birds are going to be happy with the berries this autumn.  here are some of mine strutting their stuff.






Pics 2 and 3 show the colour still in my front garden on October 1st.  It has been such a lovely summer weatherwise.


Verdun, I divide my heleniums in the spring when the clump is getting big. Last spring I put them in two other places as well. Sometimes there isn't room for anything else, so when perennials get big I just cut out the middles and dig some compost and rotted manure into the middle of the plant which feeds them and prevents congestion. Sometimes I dig out the whole plant and replant the best bits. But only every 3 or 4 years. I know you often move plants, I couldn't cope with my garden if I did everything as thoroughly as you do!


Thank you Marion for your photos, I always enjoy them.

Verdun, where are yours? Your garden must have changed since you last sent some.


Oh bother

 I always take photos of garden on 1st of month and just realised I haven't - will have to be tomorrow

Hiya busy

Forgot all about  photos. Being a simple straw sucking yokel taking my camera with me is a bit alien to me...... Although I carry my phone everywhere  so I really have no excuse 

I made a slight error in plantIng one of my heleniums in that a miscanthus variegatus, which I love, has grown so tall in front of it.  It can be seen from another angle but I have to address this for next year. The grass beautifully contrasts with several dark foliaged perennials and is sited perfectly for those so a dilemma occurs for me ...something has to go elsewhere....hmmm! Maybe post a picture for some outside advice!  



yes, post a pic Verdun and we can all advise you. How many different answers can you handle?

After a few lagers lotsh and lotsh 

Its good to get new viewpoints sometimes


But isn't your garden next to your house, Verdun? That's not far to take a camera!

Ni dove, Verdun just works at a stately home (link to another conversation). Can't get any photos cos visitors in the way.


Ok, ok.  Got the message. ,

I really do forget folks. 




Just bumping up verduns previous message...

this is the star just now, takes a firm hand to keep it from taking over though. I know it as Kaffir Lily.


The little beauty hiding at the back has chosen my garden

, from where I do not know.

Is it a sisserinthinggummy?


And finally... I don't think iI'll dead head this cosmos yet! 






Mrsg very nice and your soil looks in good condition as well 









 that will do 


That is amazing in October to see such pristine blooms!