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27/02/2013 at 10:49

Alan and Matmats, same could be said for a huge proportion of humans these days. I have 2 cats, I have a largish garden so they usually poop in my garden. However I have created a couple of fine gravelly places that I clear out every day or so. Also, I pop around my neighbours every week or so and ask if there's any problem with my scoop in hand. It isn't the cat that is the problem, it's the owners not taking responsibility. Much the same with wildlife, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure there is a high vis collar and bell fitted.

As for your comment on what is the point of them, you are aware there are populations of rats living in this country which are completely immune to poison now? If it wasn't for the cats, particularly in cities, the mouse and rat population would be much worse than it is now. You could argue what is the point in dogs, I can personally say I haven't trod in cat poo on the pavements, but I've trod in plenty of Doggy-wotsits.

Cats are independant, whereas dogs are reliant. If you mistreat a cat it'll leave and find a new home whereas dogs stay with you because you provide the grub.

I've had dogs and cats all my life, and I'd like to say I haven't let them be a nuisance to anyone. This possibly could be because I was brought up the right way as in 'be considerate to others'. Part of a dying breed these days as everyone is having this 'selfishness' drummed into them from all advertising angles.

As I said, the cats AREN'T the problem, it's the owners. Although it must be said, a plastic bag and a scoop costs pence, for any seeds/ young plants, I always stick netting over anyways, mainly due to the pigeons/ local pets.

27/02/2013 at 21:57

i agree that its the owners responsibility but for a owner to have so many at once is for cat been independent not sure that's the case,cats will not very often kill and eat what it catches it will just Mame and play with what its caught and then leave for dead on the ground and also cats will only go for the small rats not the fully grown adults as a rat can cause serious damage to a cat and some times even the smaller ones and can cause just as much damage as an adult,used to help my brother with his rat catching job and the damage that the dogs received was a lot of nasty wounds from are right in a lot of what you say but cats are just as much a problem as there owners not taking responsibility.iv not got the best of garden just concrete and brick so have to make the most of what iv got and its just disheartening to watch it all go down the pan even with protection they just rake it one side.

fancy moving in next door could do with a decent neighbour that takes responsibility for there pets


28/02/2013 at 07:24

I do feel for you, and yes unfortunately there are many who 'keep' animals yet can't even look after themselves. My two cats were neutered immediately at 9months, and the prices that charities charge for this service there really is no excuse. On another tack, I have maybe 6-700 bulbs in my front garden and to the side of the house, out of them, 40 are 'expensive', ie 2 types of pink daffs which my OH really likes. Each bulb was £1, damn squirrel yesterday dug up and ate 4, didn't touch the cheapos!

We all have our own little battles, but chinup, got to keep hanging on in there. On a side note, jeyes fluid soaked into tea bags, or Mr muscle cleaner sprayed onto tea bags buried just under the soil where you don't want cats digging seems to work for my family and friends. Good Luck !

07/03/2013 at 20:52

My sister bought me some Zoo Poo which is from a big cat scat if you'll parden the pun not sure if every Zoo sells it but I will get some from my local Wildlife Park when this lot runs out my garden is a rat run for cats now they duck and run lol!

07/03/2013 at 22:11
The battery powered cat repeller works a treat for me. I do have to keep moving it around though. My neighbour is thrilled with hers too. The definitely make a huge difference. I think we should have laws like they do in the US, where cats have to stay indoors.
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