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i agree that its the owners responsibility but for a owner to have so many at once is for cat been independent not sure that's the case,cats will not very often kill and eat what it catches it will just Mame and play with what its caught and then leave for dead on the ground and also cats will only go for the small rats not the fully grown adults as a rat can cause serious damage to a cat and some times even the smaller ones and can cause just as much damage as an adult,used to help my brother with his rat catching job and the damage that the dogs received was a lot of nasty wounds from are right in a lot of what you say but cats are just as much a problem as there owners not taking responsibility.iv not got the best of garden just concrete and brick so have to make the most of what iv got and its just disheartening to watch it all go down the pan even with protection they just rake it one side.

fancy moving in next door could do with a decent neighbour that takes responsibility for there pets



I do feel for you, and yes unfortunately there are many who 'keep' animals yet can't even look after themselves. My two cats were neutered immediately at 9months, and the prices that charities charge for this service there really is no excuse. On another tack, I have maybe 6-700 bulbs in my front garden and to the side of the house, out of them, 40 are 'expensive', ie 2 types of pink daffs which my OH really likes. Each bulb was £1, damn squirrel yesterday dug up and ate 4, didn't touch the cheapos!

We all have our own little battles, but chinup, got to keep hanging on in there. On a side note, jeyes fluid soaked into tea bags, or Mr muscle cleaner sprayed onto tea bags buried just under the soil where you don't want cats digging seems to work for my family and friends. Good Luck !

My sister bought me some Zoo Poo which is from a big cat scat if you'll parden the pun not sure if every Zoo sells it but I will get some from my local Wildlife Park when this lot runs out my garden is a rat run for cats now they duck and run lol!

The battery powered cat repeller works a treat for me. I do have to keep moving it around though. My neighbour is thrilled with hers too. The definitely make a huge difference. I think we should have laws like they do in the US, where cats have to stay indoors.

I use diluted white vinegar where the  cats deposit they they don't like it iv,e watched them go to the flower bed and sniffed the rub the snouts and mve works for me.


I lay a 2 litre pop bottle on its side half filled with water on the edge of my front lawn over a month ago and had no problem since with cats, before they were pooing on my lawn weekly

I've tried the lot, twigs, twigs with thorns, pepper, citrus, netting, string, half filled bottles, tin cat scarers, jeyes fluid, coal tar soap, i've just about given up with the front garden and now they have started on an area of the back garden. My question is if cat owners provide litter trays will their cats still do it outdoors?




Yes they will.    Cats defecate as territorial messages as well as "just because they need to go"


there's a small electric fence enerjizer (brocot) on ebay £30 it runs on 9 or 12 volt batteries !

iv'e bought one but have not set it up yet so I'll let you know how i get on with it ,I intend to run it across the top of a 6ft  fence that they use as a rat run

I have 7 raised beds for veggies and just put black pond net loosely over as I prefer to avoid chemicals ... this has foiled the neighbours' cats for the whole year!!  It only costs a little more than the green netting which is a nightmare to deal with - the black is firmer, easier to lift for weeding, etc., and not particularly visible!  Only needs small bamboos at each corner to keep in position.


I hope you inspect the netting several times a day - it's notorious for entangling and maiming or killing small birds and hedgehogs 

I overheard a gardener explaining about his cat problem in the garden centre .he used lion poo .he said he tried most things And its the only thing that works for him.I found  j e y e s   fluid worked for me.

Dove's advice is spot on.   I made that mistake many years ago when I was plagued by my neighbour's 8 cats.

Not only did the cats crap on the netting but a young Bluetit got entangled.  Luckily I was there to rescue it (none the worse for the experience thank goodness) but I never used netting after that......too risky.


We had cats in our garden doing what they shouldn't. we tried everything but in January my better half bought me a Canadian made cat scarecrow. it is just the best thing for eliminating cats. It connects to your hose and covers a wide area of garden.When a cat appeared on my neighbours shed the machine clicked and sent a volley of water at it. It stopped coming in our garden that way. You can move the cat scarecrow to any position and it covers the front and side areas. IT is worked by battery lasting 3months or so.It is well made and you buy it off the internet. It costs £45 but I had it as a gift. you can see it working on U tube. They are made to deter moose and raccoons and I must say since we have had it we have not been troubled by either. We live in Devon!!!!!   Seriously, my husband and I have got drenched by forgetting the machine is on but it really works..cats hate being drenched by water?!  Try it it is great fun to see it working.  Very satisfying.

Canadian made cat scarecrow it is then, I shall let my daughters know about this one thanks!


I had a visit from a cat in  my front garden. I removed the poo rather than bury it so that there would be so smell to attract. I then planted a scented leaved geranium in the same place it had been. No cats have ever returned. Cats like a nice easy to scratch soil. If you plant loads of plants and leave very little exposed soil it should help. Protect new seed beds with canes around the edges or use wire netting (not soft netting) till plants are in danger of being caught up in the net.

Fair point Dovefromabove but I'm out there frequently and it's never been a problem, thankfully ... I also have plenty of bird food in easy reach which should be a good distraction!

I also have a water scarecrow, I managed to get it for £30 on an Amazon lightening deal (that was half price).  don't buy it at full price, pop it on a wish list and check every few days.  Normally it will drop to £35 within a month (ish), at £30 it was rude not to.  It doesn't hurt the cat, it just associates your garden with getting wet, once is enough, and it's BRILLIANT for those bu88ers that wait until you go in and then do their business.  You go in, and watch from the kitchen, as they stalk into your garden like they own it, get comfortable - they maybe look around at the slight buzzing noise as the motor moves to the direction motion was detected, then hoot with laughter at the slight sonic boom as the cat exits, soaking wet but unharmed.

Scarecrow 1, Cat 0