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Can anyone tell me what is 'eating' paper in my greenhouse?  If I leave seed packets out to remind me of care, they get chewed and there are bits of roundish chewed paper left about.

can I do anything to rid myself of this 'invisible' parasite?


snails eat paper. Probably many insects as well. And mice chew anything.

Singing Gardener

I think snails as well. I came back late one summer evening to find a large snail busy munching its way through the cheque that I'd left out for the milkman!


re-reading the OP, the chewed paper left around suggests mice. 


Ah, now that makes sense, thanks!  It is not snails as I can eliminate them.  Hiwever, I have had mice elsewhere in my garden as I have a storage box with different bird seeds that are an attraction.  I keep them in plastic containers now but they do seem to thrive on just about anything as they destroyed a couple of sun lounger cushions by gnawing through the cloth and getting to the foam (for nesting, presumably).  

Thanks, everyone, for your help!

Should have said, Singing Gardener, I hope you retrieved your cheque in time lol


It beats "the dog ate my homework"


Pansy the state of my homework in the old days that was the best place for it,

Singing Gardener

Decided to write another one as a good square inch had disappeared from one corner and I wasn't sure how the bank would react! I'm afraid the snail didn't survive the experience....

It was rats ate my cushions   not sure if mice would , and it was snails ate my seed packets


Could well be snails, mice would be leaving little turds everywhere as they are incontinent


arneil mice do do that, i had a bag of baby clothes in the laundry room and they nested in there tearing it to bits.

Oh Yuck !!


Mice moved into my car some years ago and made a nest using the foam padding from the back seat. They destroyed far more than they used. The back seat was always folded, only two of us and room for compoat and building materials. The first I knew was when transporting food in the back en route to a party. 

I think chewing is what they do. Maybe we should offer them chewing gum


Roger  Brook

We have an indoor pest that eats paper! Our free flying love bird Poppy loves it and perforates the edges of everything - calendars, books, cheques and even a five pound note.

He has also suddenly discovered he loves the leaf of our streptocarpus and eagerly devours it. It's the only plant he touches and on separate occasions has pulled off the  flowers and eaten a complete leaf!

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