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On Saturday morning we pruned some branches from our silver birch, about 3-5cm in diameter. They haven't stopped dripping since. Any advice?
Thanks so much. We were starting to think of ways to stop it, but now I can rest assured knowing we don't to. Certainly wont be doing it this time of year again!
Gary Hobson

You have nothing to worry about.

I have seen this often in my own garden. I seem to recall the the drip can continue for a very long period, possibly months. The only problem that I'm aware of is that this sticky stuff can drip onto you. It can be almost like rain.


You're right Lyon, it's very watery sap. And thanks for the heads up on how long it could continue for. It's my favourite tree in the garden, really should have read up on it before we started!
I pruned an Acer Palmatum (Crimson Sentry) in January thinking it was completely dormant. It dripped sap for days! Stopped now though.
Sorry, not an Acer palmatum - it's a Acer platanoides!
Thanks Tim. Can't tell if its stopped yet, it's raining too hard!

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