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denise butcher

my lawn looks horrid, is it ok to seed it now??


If the soil is warm enough- but it will be slow to germinate- grass seed is not that expensive why not just give it a try?


Yes, go for it! Not exactly the same but I've just sown my wildflower meadow but now is fine for grass seed too.

Leslie Coult

grown tomatoes for years but this year the skins have had blotches on them and discoulerd a bit but taste o/k, any one know the cause please,

Sowed grass seed 2 weeks ago and it's up 2". Slightly late but it should be ok. Sotongeoff is right....nothing to lose but I think you will be happy with getting it done now



I rakekd over and re-seeded some bare patches (builders' skips ) last Sunday and it rained on Monday - perfect timing.  We're still getting some spells of warmish sunshine so I'm hopefull that I'll have a green lawn before very long.  A packet of grass seed cost me £7.99 if I remember correctly - I used about one tenth of it - the chap at the garden centre worked out how much of the special Patching stuff (a mix of coir and seed etc) I would need and he costed it to over £50!  I'm happy to give the cheap and simple solution a go 

Leslie, can you start a new thread for your question?  Then the tomato experts will see it 

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