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Hi can anybody help please ?.

In the pot we had a lady lace tree, unfortunately it died. Now this plant is growing, i'm not sure whether it's a new tree or weed. The leaves look like the lady lace but it didn't have any thorns on it.




 ha..sorry now included ..whoops


that does look like a robinia. maybe the thorns come when it's more mature

I would say that it is definately a Robinia.


Thank you nutcutlet &kay3

I'm so please it is a beautiful tree.

On the original tree we bought from a garden centre, it had a 3 foot trunk and then the leaves came from the top. I don't suppose you know how to do that? I'm very new to gardening and would hate to kill it, as it's growing really fast.


I presume the original was a twisted dwarf robinia, however that looks like a seedling, it will not grow "twisted" and will have very sharp thorns. We have one and the seedlings all revert to the original type.


Oh right thank you, is there any way of turning into what I had before 



no, it's what it is,the species, What you had before was a sport, a mutation.. What you have now is much nicer than a bent one

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