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I am sad that this years gardeners world features monty dons  garden again , we prefer alan titchmarches program on itv and only watch gardeners world if we have nothing to do, he is not a bad presenter but when it was jo and tony buckland in the bbc garden it was so much more enjoyable and we used to get extremly annoyed when it was shelved for snooker or similar sport programs, his is a beautiful garden but bears little resembalance to ordinary gardens, but with him in the mail on saturday and in the gardeners world magazine as well, covering the same things its just over kill,please  bring back tony.

lesley & keith barley


I did like Toby, but sometimes felt it was more like a DIY gardening show rather than a program about gardening with plants.  I must admit I did get a bit fed up with it.  Monty is definitely about plants which is what I want to see.  Although as I only have a very small garden some of it is a bit beyond me.  My favourite will always be Alan, but I do wish his programs were on BBC.  Adverts are so annoying, could the BBC bring back Alan to do the same kind of program? Because it is totally different to Gardener's World, but just as enjoyable.  You might have to pay him a bit more, but surely he is worth it!


I feel the problem lies with the lack of programming,  we all enjoy different styles of gardening and presenters.  More programmes would be welcomed!!


Mrs Spratt sums it up perfectly..."we all enjoy different styles" I wasn't so keen on the program style when is was Toby and enjoy GW more now. So surely there is opportunity for more programmes. Loved Sarah Raven's Bees, Butterflies and Blooms.

We could definitely do with more gardening programmes of all types and I'd like to see them all the year round as well.  It would be very useful to see programmes over the winter to help with planning for the coming year.  I've had to watch my Geoff Hamilton dvds over and over again to get my fix when Gardeners' world finishes.



Have to totally agree, I couldn't wait for the new gardening year to start, and I would love to watch something to get you through the winter months. Personally any gardening programmes with different takes, are more then welcome, to get my fix LOL. Whether Monty, Toby, Alan or Sarah.

I thought it was a good programme - it answered all my questions about planting raspberries, reassured me that my hungarian grazing rye was going according to plan and made me consider getting some more interesting hellebores.  I thought the design feature was a bit of a whistle stop tour and I'd have liked Rachel to say a bit more about the size and shape of those scented shrubs and the best place to plant them.  I guess the point is that if it's sparked my interest I could go and look it up.  So I will.

I enjoy Longmeadow and would love to see more shots of it. My question is - Which gardens and styles have influenced Monty the most? After all he has been in the very fortunate position to see many gardens all over the world (Excellent series by the way). Does anyone have any ideas? Will Monty reveal his biggest influences on Longmeadow? Can't wait to hear.

personally i like monty.... i also liked alys. she is young so i could relate to her. however rachel really annoys me. but each to their own. i wish there was a gardening channel on sky because there are no good gardening programmes and oncea week on fridays just isn't often enough!!!!!!

My wife and I hate gw at the moment Monty Don either has a wheel barrow or a spade in his hands, he gets paid by the veiwers to look after his own garden, and to planting he doe's not show you anything, bring back Toby and Alys


At this time of year with so much to do the programme's just too short! Can't we have an hour? 

we would love a hour long show, but with another presenter and not M D


I guess it's horses for courses. I like Monty Don's thoughtful demeanour - I think he puts gardening in context - although I agree, I'd like to see a bit more practical content and more on growing technique. I also think the programme suffers from MD being on his own mostly at 'Longmeadow' - more dialogue between presenters would liven things up. Personally I loathed the Toby-led show - nothing to do with the poor man himself, but the change in direction and format that the Beeb had obviously decided on which and the producers and presenters had to comply with. I think Toby & co were stitched up in that respect. But I hated all those silly DIY projects - like giant planters working out at about £800 apiece - that no normal gardener could afford, and I felt the whole programme was severely dumbed down. I'm sure Alys will pop up again somewhere on telly soon, good plantswoman that she appears to be, with her fresh and environmentally-friendly approach. Perhaps the show's bosses felt she was too similar to Carol in terms of contribution - and the viewers love Carol with her vast knowledge, down-to-earth attitude and huge enthusiasm for plants. 

Just goes to show, doesn't it, you certainly can't please all the people all the time?

HI monty don is gardeners world.he explains every detail isnt that what you need for your garden big or i also like carol an jo love watching i have leard a lot just wish it was on for an thier passion it comes across in everything they talk about


Passion - you're right, shazzza1, and I just love this time of year, don't you, when everything's bursting into life so quickly and everything's full of possibilities?! 



Hi Cloud 8

I too have the Geoff Hamilton DVD collection and love them to bits, I never tire of watching them, I just love all gardening programes who ever is presenting and never fail to learn something new from every one. I only have a small garden but always find insperation from looking at other peoples large gardens either on tv or by visiting one of the many fantastic gardens open to the public you can always find some idea to take home I find. Geoff was great and I miss him. Happy growing.

hi Annieseed yes i do love this time of year,i just hope we get some good weather so we can sit out and admire all our hard work  ps good name.


Ho ho shazzza1, my first chance to get out on the allotment this morning after missing all the sunshine at work. Guess what? It's going to rain! Good for all those weeds, though....


I've warmed to Monty Don during his recent programmes. Sadly, he will never be an Alan or a Geoff - great acts to  have to follow !! However, the present format is vastly superior to that by Toby & Co. I echo  comments of others that more practical tips are needed - last night's for example on basal cuttings was excellent. Perhaps we could have more info on small gardens especially in the slot given by Joe Swift on designs.