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I've been trying to add a pic to my profile but each time I try to link it with my Facebook account, it brings up an Oops message Am using iPad rather than PC. Can you help please?


Not working for me either Miranda, also tried a couple of months ago. 

Victoria Sponge

I can't change the pic using iPad either - think a computer is required

Well, that's a bit silly! 


Thanks, Dove, I'll try that. Still seems daft that it won't link to Facebook from the site though! Will let you know if I succeed 


Hi Miranda

There is a big upgrade being planned for the site - somewhen   Until then we struggle on and grin and bear it - we gardeners are good at that 

Hmmm - what could possibly go wrong?! 


Is linking to Facebook good then?


Not if you're not on Facebook, I suppose, but it states in the settings that I can use my FB photo for my profile pic on here, 'just click on the link'. Except that the link doesn't work 

Thanks Dove, will do that. Had a look at the other stream you sent me, but I think that's more for posting pix within these posts, but will have a go some time. Thanks so much for your help 

 Ooh, it worked!!  



That's very pink and white! 

I know, it looked like candy floss! Completely over the top, but that's what hydrangeas do best




Wow Miranda !! That's a super duper Hydrangea. Just beautiful, it looks as though it's just exploded. Be so proud if it were mine. 


OH loves that hydrangea - he says it looks like an explosion in a marsh mallow factory 

The fb post from Wisley today features this and says that people are torn between candy floss and marshmallows!

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