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Yesterday at 23:36

Just look at what I saw in the garden this morning

  A bit blurry when enlarged but sure there are nine spots! Made my day 

I like the thought of fresh pasta sauce Fruitcake so plum tomatoes it will be next year.

Crossing fingers Linda 


Today at 07:51

Well done Bizzie B, when are we coming round for tea ha (only joking) , I'm growing tomatoes but I'm a beginner, I've got five plants and one has just flowered this am , they drink a lot don't they , off to work now catch you all later, have a lovely day .

Today at 08:40

  You would be welcome flumpy1.


Today at 10:53

Another scorcher of a day.  tomato avenue and sweet pea alley all watered before it got too hot.  The godetias i potted up yesterday are  standing up fine, all fifteen pots so my conservatory should be a picture in the autumn and winter.  Today i will plant my Xmas potatoes in their planter and stand it near the water butt in case this drought continues all through to September.

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821 to 824 of 824 messages