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This is part two of my mystery garden.

 Same problem as Part One.Is this a weed or a plant.


That looks more like a plant than a weed, though I have no idea what it is.  Almost like a pelargonium?

It is 100% plant, but could be a weed.  A Potato plant growing in a Barley field is a weed!

I planted a load of plants last year and i've got some strange things coming up but i must admit i'm not sure about this one.



I wonder about Malva, maybe moschata. I just get a blur when I enlarge it


See how it develops Graham - it looks like it will be easy to pull out if it turns out to be a weed.

Thanks all,There are only 2 in the small garden that i've got.


Do you think it looks like this?  (Wild geranium)


I have got those in my garden,On the other side so it could be,Thanks.


Forester 2, it's a geranium.  A tame one, but it will seed about.


I have one of those, mine is labelled geranium phaeum. 



My Geranium phaeum has dark markinngs on the leaves like this



and they are not as divided as the ones in the question 


They're usual markings, how lovely!  

Mine looked just like Forester 2 about a month or so ago, with the light blue flowers, but has grown up in to this. The flowers have turned inside out and changed colour to dark purple. So definitely dusky cranesbill rather than wood cranesbill. 






That G.phaeum with the dark markings is  'Samobor'. The markings persist through its seedlings but weaken through the generations.

The more I look at the original pic the more it looks like Malva moschata or similar malva. You'll find out soon enough when it flowers. 


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